Do., 09. Sept. | Technikum


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09. Sept., 19:00
Technikum, Speicherstr. 26 81671 München


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Since  nearly two decades, Sascha Ring aka Apparat is one of the defining  protagonists of electronic music in Germany. With tireless curiosity, he  explores the possibilities of combining programmed sounds with analog  instruments; he moves forth and back between avant-garde, club music and  big anthemic pop moments; he composes music for listening, music for  clubs and music for movies und theatre plays. Starting with his debut  album „Multifunktionsebene“ from the year 2001, up to his forthcoming  „LP5“, he has continuously expanded his musical palette and connected  himself with all kinds of artists and arts.

Sascha  Ring was born in 1978 in Quedlinburg in the Harz mountains, where in  the mid-nineties he started his musical career as a techno DJ. His music  still benefits from this early experiences, he says, but when he moved  to Berlin in 1997, he sold his turntables to afford his first  synthesizers. The music on his debut „Multifunktionsebene“ was solely  produced with electronic devices; one might describe it as IDM  (Intelligent Dance Music), but with an aura of melancholic warmth und  humanity. On the second album „Duplex“ from the year 2003, Sascha Ring  already started to include saxophone and vocals into his electronic  compositions; on the third album „Walls“ from the year 2007, one can  hear also smoothly buzzing and swishing strings over stuttering  xylophone beats.

„I’ve  used every new album to broaden my musical horizons and overcome my  personal inner resistances,“ says Sascha Ring: „I’ve always had  reservations about anything that came too close to conventional  ‚pop‘-moments; so I consciously moved in this direction. With each  album, I pushed the limit further.“ He also never liked the role of the  solo-producing laptop nerd. „I always enjoyed working with other people.  And I feel the need to do things that are beyond my reach. That’s why I  use to choose new musical tasks that initially go way over my head and  frustrate me.“